PORTRAITS | from $200*

I believe that the best photos come as a result of fully personalized approach, so I’m offering the product which right for you. You choose the location of the shoot (your home, my studio, one of your favourite places, etc.) and get my professional advice on how to make the most of it (regarding clothing, makeup, time of the day, props and so on). Then we book the date and turn it into a great experience for you and your loved ones and high-quality photographs. I’m committed to getting you what you’re looking for, different packages are available and everything is customizable!

LIFESTYLE | from $300*

We are at our best when we do things we love, should it be our hobbies, sports, crafts, dancing, horseback riding or whatever it is that you’re into. We feel happy and accomplished (or on our way in getting better at what we love doing) and we project that feeling around. Capturing those precious moments in photographs brings positive reinforcement and motivates us to continue doing what we love and get better at it. This is a great way to drive forward and I’ll be happy to help you plan and create beautiful and motivating photos. Different packages are available.

EVENTS | from $400*

We all have our smartphones with us ready to snap a quick picture or video, and this is works well on occasion. What we sometimes don’t realize, is that being busy with taking a picture and worrying about how it turns can prevent us from being in a moment, enjoying and experiencing it in full. I can take this worry and hassle away and let you enjoy the event and then re-live it again looking at plenty of high-quality photographs, which can be delivered digitally to you, your loved ones, friends and colleagues. I have different packages available, and they can be further customized for your event.

* Different packages and options are available - find all the details here or message me for a custom package.