NorthPole Dance Anniversary party pictures (October 26)

NorthPole dance students and teachers celebrated their 2nd anniversary by another great performance. Here are the highlights from the event captured in over 100 pictures.Reach out to me if you’d like a high-resolution re-touched picture of the elegant you!

NorthPole Dance Party on July 5th

Congrats to great teachers and their gorgeous students who created a magical pole dance event! Below is the full gallery of 115 pictures I shot during this great performance. Reach out to me if you’d like a high-resolution re-touched picture to capture this great moment in print (or digital).

NorthPole Dance event at Elite Grande

Congratulations to NorthPole Dance teachers and students team who delivered a blockbuster show at Elite Grande club on April 4th. Here are some selected pictures from the event; I’ll post more to my IG feed, stay tuned!

December Event at NorthPole Dance

My friends at NorthPole Dance had a high-energy technical challenge competition last week. A dozen of students tried their best to win in different categories and then the whole event ended with a lot of free-style dynamite dancing! See the gallery below to give you an idea, but it’s best if you check them out...


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