Getting my first camera as a gift for my 15th birthday was a milestone event in my life. It was an old mechanical Smena 8M which made getting quality photos challenging, and that’s what kept me occupied for quite a while. Later on, the focus shifted to other important things - composition, creative use of aperture and shutter speed and so on - but from that time I have thе passion to get things right at the moment I press the shutter button. From the timing of the moment itself to lighting, composition, pose, background, texture, lines…  I strive to get things right straight from the camera and get better at it with every set I shoot.


I love everything that pushes the creative side in people. I believe creativity is what truly differentiates human beings from artificial intelligence, so we owe it to ourselves to create and do what we can to boost our creativity. Even simple things can make a difference, for example, try to shift your computer mouse to your left hand if you’re right-handed. First it feels awkward and tough, but within a couple of hours you will get used to it and start feeling different about the work you do because this will challenge the right hemisphere of your brain which is responsible for the creativity. If you want to step up the challenge, try ballroom dancing - that’s what my wife and I were doing for years and it filled us with physical and creative energy!


Travelling is another source of inspiration for me - I absolutely enjoy going to see new places as well as re-discovering some old ones. In the past, I used to take a lot of pictures from every place I travelled to until I realized that most of the time this prevented me from really seeing and feeling the place I went to, so when I was looking at the pictures they didn’t really bring back memories. Now I’m trying to experience the place before I reach to my camera to take pictures and this makes a huge difference! Small cities in Europe don’t look the same anymore, and I come back home re-energized and inspired.